The marvelous stone that makes tap watermore delicious

The MittuyBall

In the PET-bottle.

Put two "S size MittuyBall"s in the used 2 liters PET-bottle that mineral water was in, and fill tap water in it. After shaking the bottle five to six times, it is ready to drink.
In the electrical pot or stainless kettle.

Put one "L size MittuyBall" in an electrical pot or a stainless kettle, fill tap water in, and then boil water. You can enjoy more tasty tea or coffee.

Explanation for "The MittuyBall"

"The MittuyBall" is the mysterious stone that can make tap water cleaner, more delicious and safer.
Precisely speaking, it can lower electric potential of oxidation and reduction to remove active oxygen, and also can make water molecule smaller to make it easier for human body to absorb water ingredients such as minerals.
Therefore this stone can help our health care and is useful in reinforcing our self-healing power.
Actually "The MittuyBall" is made in the kiln by baking soil and fossil which accumulated in the bottom of sea around twenty million years ago. We have two sizes: one is "L (large) size" that is 25 millimeters across in diameter and the other is "S (small) size", 18 millimeters across.
We are very happy if you drink the cleaned water by "The MittuyBall" and can feel that your physical condition is getting better.
Fortunately we have heard that many people who were suffering from atopic dermatitis, stiff shoulders and constipation said they felt better after continuing to drink the cleaned water by "The MittuyBall".

[Main ingredients]
silicic acid, calsic materials, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sulfur, sodium, titanium, copper, zinc, phosphoric acid, aluminum, nickel, cobalt

[Warning & Advice]
・After you start to drink the water cleaned by "The MittuyBall", if you feel bad, stop drinking it immediately.
・Take care that a human especially a baby does not eat "The MittuyBall". Therefore do not drink water directly from the pet-bottle "The MittuyBall" is in.
・If you expose "The MittuyBall" to the sun once a month for two to three hours, it will become more effective.
・"The MittuyBall" is approved by the relevant official in City of Yokohama.
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